Makeup Lighting that Goes with you

Create the ultimate makeup studio on ANY mirror and get glam like never before.

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Bye, bye, bad lighting!

And "hello" to  flawless makeup application wherever you need it ... at home, in hotels or on-the-go! Your new beauty BFF has arrived.

give me light!

Created by a Makeup Lover, for makeup lovers

 "Great lighting is EVERYTHING, and I was tired of not having the same quality makeup lighting I was used to backstage. Plus, with my frequent travels, I needed ultimate versatility with NO wires, NO batteries to replace and NO bulky equipment or extra mirror to pack.

I'm 100% committed to your being OBSESSED with Leopara, or I'll take her back. I want you to experience what getting glam should really feel like and achieve a level of makeup perfection that only comes from Leopara.

You deserve it, gorgeous." - xo, Rachel

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