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Bright, even illumination that frames your face and mimics daylight, but better. 5000K like professional makeup artists use.

Achieve perfect contour and blending with NO shadows playing tricks on you.


Mirrors are everywhere, so why pack one? Instead, choose your favorite mirror and transform it into your personal glamour haven.

Leopara mounts to any mirror and easily removes for endless uses, at home or on the go.


No outlet needed! Each GlamPanel contains a rechargeable battery for full glamour freedom.

Lasts 8-10 makeup sessions when fully charged, rechargeable via USB anywhere in the world.


Ultimate portability! Weighs under a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. And no broken glass to worry about.

Toss it in your purse, toiletry case or carry-on, and be prepared for whatever lighting situation awaits.

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