Tips & Tricks

The Leopara Makeup Lighting System was designed to be simple, effective and easy-to-use.

Use these tips & tricks below to optimize the performance of your Leopara Makeup Lighting System. If you experience any issues that aren't resolved with the below, then please email us at

Start with a clean mirror.

Leopara makeup lighting vanity mirror

Mirrors are prone to collecting film, residue, dust and fingerprints.

Tip: Wipe down the mirror before setting your GlamPanels.

Trick: if your GlamPanel came in contact with a filmy, dusty mirror, it should be cleaned with a lint roller or damp cloth before re-use.


Treat the nanosuction backing with care.


We get it. The nanosuction backing is like magic. And you want to touch it and see where it can stick. But those natural oils in your hands as well as any dust, dirt and debris gets trapped in the suction domes and prevent the suction capability.

Tip: Refrain from touch the nanosuction backing or placing it backing-side-down on countertops or other services other than clean glass.

Trick: If your GlamPanel won't stick to the mirror, wipe it with a damp cloth and let dry before resetting. A lint roller also works like MAGIC to clean the backing. Pack one with you in your carry-on!