"Shine A Light" Giveaway

We want to help "Shine A Light" on those helping us in multiple ways as the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We've partnered with a couple of our favorite brands, Carter + Jane and Barnacle Coasters, surprising 10 deserving people with a fabulous Leopara Swag Bags, full of little ways to bring a bit of joy to those who are working hard to keep the rest of us safe and healthy.

Whether they are working on the front lines at hospitals, keeping us fed at the grocery store or drive-thru, or helping us stay sane with their at-home efforts, we want to hear about them!

Nominate a deserving person below!

Enter YOUR name and email address, then write 2-3 sentences naming the person you want to surprise and why you want to "Shine A Light" on their efforts.

Nominations accepted through April 20th. We will contact you on April 22nd if your Nominee has been selected with next steps.

Thank you for helping us recognize these amazing individuals ;)

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