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Meet the Founder

"I was tired of having to sacrifice makeup results and the joy of getting ready when I traveled because of bad lighting ... ESPECIALLY because I travel for events where feeling great and feeling confident is critical to my success. We all deserve that 'A-List Glam Squad' experience everywhere life takes us, and I'm so excited to bring Leopara to light!"

- Leopara Founder, Rachel Vicknair


Leopara is the brainchild of Rachel Vicknair, a former beauty executive / professional dancer / film & TV dabbler who needed a solution to a major problem she repeatedly faced. 

As a frequent traveler and beauty junkie, she became frustrated with the lighting situation in hotels and vacation rentals. Lots of mirrors, terrible lighting, no outlets became the standard hotel profile. Motivated to bring Leopara to life, she left the corporate beauty world in 2016 and began her quest to create a take-anywhere lighting system.

Having had her makeup done by professional artists for brand videos, backstage on game days and on film & TV sets, she experienced the best of the best in makeup lighting and was determined to bring this same beauty experience to everyone.